Message from the AiW Health Ltd Board  

As of 11th November 2016 AIW Health has ceased trading  

 Click for NHS advice on emergency or crisis mental health support
Sadly, the AiW Health board of trustees were forced to place the charity into liquidation and close it down. This was due to unrecoverable financial difficulties and is in no way a reflection on the excellent work of our services and their dedicated staff and volunteers going back over the last 24 years.

Where to access support now  

Most of our services, their staff and casework have been moved to alternative organisations and alternative support will be available for those projects that have unfortunately been discontinued. All current clients have been contacted and you can now access support from the following service providers:


PCAAL Service Client?
GP surgery based advocacy/advice

Contact CAB direct on 0344 477 2121


SilverCloud Service Client?

Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Contact Inclusion Matters direct on 0151 649 1859


AEIPAS Advocacy Service Client?

Adult Early Intervention advocacy/advice

Contact Involve Northwest on 0151 644 4617


Wirral Bridges Client? Discontinued

Employment advice and support

Contact Involve's Reachout team on 0151 644 1100


IMHA Service Client?

Independent advocacy as before for those detained under the Mental Health Act

Contact Jim at Involve Northwest on 0151 644 4617


The Quays Client? No change.

Drugs and alcohol abstinence-based recovery community - unaffected by AiWH closure.

Contact The Quays at Woodside as before direct on 0151 649 0130


Wirral Ways to Recovery / Change Grow Live Client?

Recovery Champions working with people seeking to overcome substance misuse

Contact CGL directly on 0151 556 1335


Hospital Advocacy Services? Discontinued

Please contact CAB directly on 0344 477 2121

Unfortunately the Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group have decommissioned the Older Person’s Advocacy Service, the AiW Health support at Psychiatric Liaison Service and the Hospital Advocacy Service (Non IMHA) based in Clatterbridge & Arrowe Park. Because of this the CCG have instructed that any access to Practical Based support now be given to the Wirral CAB team.

Clients currently accessing all our services have been contacted personally, but if you've not heard we appreciate this will be very disappointing and potentially worrying news for you.
Further information on the liquidation of AiW Health
Please note that Begbies Traynor are acting liquidators and all insolvency-based questions must be directed through them. The Joint Liquidators recommend that clients contact the relevant numbers above for information on services and assistance.


If you are an existing AiW Health client of one of the above services and you wish to enquire about your own personal details, please contact the joint liquidators by email in the first instance:  


Never use this email address in a mental health emergency or for an urgent inquiry  


In an emergency, please follow this NHS advice, and either contact the NHS on 999 or 111, your GP or other mental health professional). If your query relates to an urgent casework query, please use the phone numbers for the services above.


All existing or returning clients with ongoing casework queries should directed their enquiries in the first instance via the phone numbers in the above section.


As well as brief details of your query, please include your name, address, telephone, and the name of the service and staff member you have dealt with previously, if known. The Joint Liquidators will aim to contact you or forward your query to the appropriate service to contact you.


Please be aware that ensuring client confidentiality will remain of the utmost importance. The Joint Liquidators are now legally responsible for ensuring that any confidential files and electronic data in our position are treated in strict accordance with all laws relating to secure storage or destruction in line with the Data Protection Act and other related legislation. We do understand that some information had already been forwarded on to the new service providers to ensure continuity of services.


If you wish to contact the Joint Liquidators about this, the liquidation, as a creditor or any other matter not related to your need for mental health advice and supportplease contact their Liverpool offices.


Apology and sincere thanks  
We are really sorry for any distress and inconvenience our closure has caused and hope that you will find your usual or alternative sources of support as detailed above will continue to provide an excellent service. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our service users, supporters, donators and commissioners, staff and volunteers over 24 years who've all made valued contributions to this tremendous charity and the loving care it's been such a privilege to be a part of. You've all helped play a part in changing the face of mental health advocacy and support on the Wirral.


We've listened to, understood, supported and helped improve the lives of many tens of thousands of people with many hundreds of thousands of problems, some practical, some not. In doing so we've stood side by side as a community, proud to fight injustice for our families, friends and neighbours, all deserving of dignity and compassion and in doing so, challenged the scourge of mental health stigma.


The sadness will outweigh the memories of great people and successes for a while. However, in time we have every confidence this vital work will go from strength to strength in our partner organisations. We're even more confident our staff and volunteers will bring with them the same spirit that made AiW so special to so many for so long.



Former AiW Health Board of Trustees